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Your beekeeping efforts need to be discussed if you want to make money from them. However, at local beekeeping clubs, marketing for beekeepers is a topic not often discussed. You automatically qualify for a unique opportunity in marketing if you are in the beekeeping business.

Just like everyone else, beekeepers enjoy consuming all forms of content around their passion such as reading, listening, and even watching. The supply is the problem for good marketing but not the demand.

Your business stands to reap rewards for many years to come, especially if you can meet your customers where they are with a valuable message.

Honey Marketing Ideas

1. Make the investment in video marketing

A huge player in the future of marketing honey is video marketing and this is not a secret. To tell you that video content is highly valuable, you do not need a list of statistics.

In your life, you should consider and look inward at the influential power video has had in it. Due to beekeepers’ enthusiasm and appetite for all things honeybee, they are no different and it is likely that they are more impressionable compared to other audiences.

Quality video content is more accessible than ever and this is mainly because of the advancement in technology. However, it must be done right.

Doing it right involves having content that fits your brand and vision and to do this you need someone who can ideate, storyboard, produce and edit videos for you. Using a video is a better way to share your story and connect with your audience.

A good example might be a testimonial video, after a customer has sampled your honey. Testimonials sell, and you might devote an entire marketing campaign around how delicious your honey tastes.

2. Write, write, and write some more

Replacing human love for the written word will never be fully done despite the video being an ever-growing Goliath. A drab video can be outperformed on any day of the week by an engaging blog that has been written relevantly and constructively.

When writing to your customers, whether the topic is valuable and interesting to them is the most important thing to keep in mind. This is because if the topic is untimely, inauthentic, or useless even eloquent words do fall short.

You should consider the following as far as which topic choices to choose: –
• Information on your service or product
• General lessons on a beekeeping venture associated with your offering.
• Success stories and testimonies from customers
• Research or report from the industry
• Discussion on ongoing beekeeping events
• Discussions with a partner or expert
• Suggestions for new beekeepers
• Data from polls or surveys on essential subjects
• News and activities for the club

The list can go on as long as you can think of.

marketing honey

3. Build Strong Social Handles

Think again if you have the notion that beekeepers are not hanging out on social media. There are millions upon millions of people on its platform who are interested in beekeeping on Facebook alone.

You are interacting with your customers right where they are by actively engaging on social media. Your ability to build a strong following on social media will be largely assisted by the above strategies. you should not take your hands off the wheel after just distributing your content on the social media platform.

Your customers on social media will thank you if you respond to comments, comment on others’ posts and share content from reputable sources.

The big disadvantage to social media is that you do not own the list of followers. To have more control over your prospects and customers, read on.

4. Build An Email List

A huge asset to your business can be an engaged email list. Almost 87% of businesses use email to promote their products and services. With a ROI (Return on Investment) of over 40%, it offers the number highest rate of return, better than any other social media platform.

honey marketing

You can build your list through giveaways, sign-ups at local markets and through social media.

This beekeeper marketing channel may prove to be most profitable if your business can build an email list with consistent and strong engagement.

5. Establish Partnerships in The Beekeeping Space

In life and in honey marketing relationships are key. You can leverage the trustworthiness and reach out to their audience by strategically partnering with genuine, like-minded experts in beekeeping.

Additionally, your customers will gain further value from your brand through the mutual promotion of their brand with your audience. Wins across the board can be due to a solid partnership.

6. Consider An Effective Direct Mail Campaign.

In beekeeping marketing, it can be still highly effective and lucrative if you still use targeted, direct mail strategies. To a general audience, we do not recommend spending frivolously.

In this case, spending dollars elsewhere is probably better. However, you should consider a way to make an impression via snail mail if you have an address list of past customers, vendors, or the like.

An excellent example is product samples. Once you consider the lifetime value (LTV) of your converted customers, a wonderful objective would be to get a sample of your product in the hands of a potential customer.

There it is!

A net positive benefit in the not-so-distant future will mostly be seen by you if you put any of these strategies in place. “One size fit all” is never there in honey marketing.

A beautiful blend of many channels and strategies is long-term honey marketing. Engaging your audience and potential customers requires a consistent and ongoing effort.

In a honey marketing plan, everyone must start somewhere.

Honey Marketing Plan

honey marketing ideas

Create The Ultimate Package

Spending time designing a creative overall; look for your honey inventory will pay off since honey jars sitting next to each other on a shelf can often look just alike. Explore thousands of ideas for label making, bottle decorating, and logos, by taking a quick trip to Pinterest.

Additionally, while marketing honey products, you should express your personality and style as bright and eye-catching or quaint and comfortable.

Moreover, to showcase the natural look of your honey, you should invest in a uniquely shaped, clear glass honey bottle. Besides, setting your product apart from the rest can instantly be impacted through a creatively-shaped bottle.

Boost Word of Mouth

You should start a conversation with the recipients of your loved ones and friends if you have been gifting them with honey jars during every holiday.

Requesting them for word-of-mouth advertising by letting the recipients know that you are planning to sell honey as a side business. Moreover, to get your honey business rolling, your friends and loved ones can tell friends, who can tell friends.

Donate Your Product

Opportunities to raise money to market your goods are frequently available in your own neighborhood. In order to raise money for their cause, businesses and non-profits will look for items to sell or auction off.

Give out numerous jars of your honey and associated items at these chances. To let the lucky winners know where the money originated from and how to get in touch with you for more information, be sure to include business cards.

Markets, Festivals, and Fairs

Make inquiries with the local farmers’ markets, fairs, and festival organizers about becoming a vendor in the neighborhood or close to home.

All year long, these activities are held. Set up your table, stock it with goods, and engage in as much conversation about your honey goods with as many people as you can. To everyone, distribute business cards. Set up a roadside stall close to a busy area if your neighborhood allows it.

Offer Giveaways

To help people remember your honey, you should have a signature giveaway. Offer potential consumers free trial samples of your items or create a unique stuffed bee with a business card attached.

Start Consigning

Visit other small business owners and ask for consignment opportunities among them since this may be your better luck. Small groceries, boutiques, and tourist areas may be willing to sell your honey products in-house for a fee something that chain stores may not be willing to do.

Additionally, each month, some companies may levy a fixed cost or consign based on a percentage of sales. If a company does not currently offer consignment circumstances, be prepared to recommend alternatives.

honey marketing plan

Promote Online

You can advertise your honey sales online since there are a number of places you can use. There are viable ways for marketing honey outside of your immediate areas such as social media websites, eBay and Craigslist.

To help you build a loyal following, you should be consistent by keeping products in front of the consumer.

Tout the Benefits

For a lot of ailments, raw honey is a natural remedy. Your honey is a versatile product, it is produced locally and it does not have any additives or preservatives are among the factual details that you should use in marketing your honey.

For example, if you sell a particular type of honey, such as Sourwood, sell the health or taste benefits.

Promote the Interesting

Multiple do-it-yourself recipes for the health use of honey. Make samples for friends by looking up several simple dishes that use honey as the main ingredient, then create and serve samples to friends.

One of the great ways to promote the versatility of your honey is great handouts such as samples and a copy of every recipe.

Expand Your Horizons

Think outside the box. I know beekeepers who, in addition to grocery stores, also sell in hardware stores as well. Try all of your local convenience stores. Many of them will be happy to support another local business.

Wax, which can also be a profit-making product is also made by bees. Alongside your honey jars on the shelf, you can sell multiple popular products made out of beeswax.

Moreover, a strong part of your inventory will include lotions, lip balms, and candles. Start building a solid brand by learning how to make these additional products.

Some states have specific programs to help you in marketing. Georgia Made is a perfect example. This certified program is supported by the Georgia Department of Economic Development, helps Georgia-based businesses promote their products.


The process of making and bottling honey has a lot of interest from various people. Bring in scout groups, schools, and other organizations to demonstrate the art of beekeeping, honey extraction, and bottling to them.

Give homeschooled kids the chance to expand their knowledge of biology and science. For extra money, run specialized workshops on how to make beeswax crafts. Utilizing fresh channels, you can bring in more clients for your honey business.

Utilize Guerilla Marketing

Dare to be a little different the next time you plan to sell your honey in public. For the public to observe, you can wear a bee suit or bring a small contained collection of your bees.

For new customers who can ultimately become loyal customers, little creative twists can be a big draw. Just to sell more honey, one beekeeper in China once covered his entire body with live bees.

Create Some Buzz

Find someone handy to build you an actual hive if you set up a roadside stand or a space in a local farmer’s market. Watch customers start to swarm your honey pot by making your selling space resemble a real-life beehive.

Start A Subscription Club

Consider setting up your own honey club if you are experienced in online sales. To existing customers, this can be a great way of promoting different varieties of honey and honey-related products.

Beekeeping Marketing

Additionally, to market new products and let people sign up to receive selected honey products once a month for personal use or as a gift, you should keep mailing list addresses or emails.


It is important to put the time and effort into creating a solid marketing plan despite there being many creative ideas you can incorporate into your business. When it is time to take things to another level, you should take things seriously even if you are already an established business.

A business plan should exist when starting your business. To market and promote your product, outlining ways should be part of your plan. In meeting your goals, you should estimate the cost and budget involved.

Go back to your business plan and review your initial ideas for marketing and selling if you had created them at the beginning. What you have already tried should help you in figuring out ways to expand.

You should be open and free when asking for help. To know what kind of products they would like you to sell, you should get input from loved ones as well as actual customers. Moreover, to grow your business bigger, you should take any feedback into consideration.

To learn some additional tricks on honey marketing, you can go undercover with other local honey farmers.

Up-and-coming business owners, especially those who will not be competing with each other for sales can be mentored by many willing entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, new ideas and creative ways to sell more honey can be brought about by immersing yourself in the honey business from different perspectives.

Marketing ideas you have tried including the ones that were not a success and the ones that were should be highlighted and kept in written in detail. Write new ideas down in a journal so you will not forget them as they come to you.

It is possible that you already wear a lot of hats as a busy business owner. Letting your marketing efforts fall by the wayside can be very easy. When it comes to your sales effort, you should remain dedicated to the marketing part of your business plan and stay innovative and ahead of the rest.

To help spark new ideas and set an actionable plan in motion, you should hire a professional marketing consultant if it is in the budget.

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