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Can you Keep Bees and Chicken Together?

Can you keep Bees and Chicken Together?

You may have heard the hilarious urban legend that honeybees and chickens in the backyard can’t get along. Chicken owners who have seen their birds at their most violent, whether grabbing and devouring a mouse whole, fighting off a stray snake, or devouring everything in their path, appear to be spreading this tale. There’s a reason chickens are called “little dinosaurs;” they’re not soft on the savagery.

However, I have some excellent news: chickens and honeybees can and do live together without a hitch. The homestead, backyard, or garden is a safe and secure place to keep them; they will thrive there if some primary care and maintenance are provided.

About Birds (Chickens, of course) and the Bees

chickens and beehives

When you raise your chickens and honeybees, you get valuable insight into the whole food chain. People of all ages raise bees and poultry, but millennials and retirees returning to the farm are the most influential groups. Both groups have goals related to food security and education for future generations. It may be either one.

Having fresh eggs every day and compost ready for your garden almost instantly is an instant pleasure that comes with keeping hens. Harvesting honeybee goods requires thinking a little farther ahead, but that is a lesson: Time, effort, and the right timing are all needed for a successful outcome. Respected beekeepers will all tell you that honey production after the season is never sure.

There are ” honey years” that are more successful than others, and there are also years that are too dry, too rainy, or when the beehives perish. But honeybees do. Therefore, we need to consider how the weather will evolve; something chickens can do without us. And that’s a talent well worth developing. When deciding whether or not to combine honeybees and chickens, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Both species share the same water supply. If there isn’t a clean water supply (such as a shallow, slow-moving stream, a pond, a clean bird bath, or water you offer) for the honeybees, they will quickly turn to the chickens for a drink. Keeping hens for more than a few days will teach you that they could be cleaner creatures, especially around water.

If there is a reliable supply of clean water close to your apiary, you should install one. Clean stones in a small planter with water are one of my favourite things to do. The pebbles provide landing areas for the bees, and the structure can be easily refilled and relocated.

Keeping these two valuable farm animals together is a great way to improve sustainability and take a balanced approach to farm. You’ll be kept busy as a bee and chirping like a hen all summer long if you plant a garden for the bees and chickens to eat from.

Have you ever wondered whether hens and bees get along?

How about you bring them up as near as you can?

As for the short version of the answer: yes.

In a general sense, the answer to the issue of whether honey bees will be bothered by chickens or not is no, and the same can be stated for the question of whether or not chickens will be bothered by honey bees. On the other hand, there are always exceptions, just as there are for most things in life.

One of the most perplexing issues facing beekeepers today is one we’ll discuss in depth. Is it wise to have hens and bees in the same hive? Many think it’s not wise to house them together since they’ll annoy one other, but we want to set the record straight and say this is untrue. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that there will always be some outliers.

There are several advantages to keeping chickens and honeybees in the same area.

They symbolize the food production and consumption process.

Chickens and honeybees represent the food cycle. There are many places you want to go and topics you wish to teach your children. You will be astonished by how well they get along and how much you learn about them. Having both in your backyard is an excellent idea for this very reason.

Chickens may safeguard honeybees.

will chickens eat bees

Chickens eat a variety of insects and other items that pose a danger to honeybees, which may seem like an odd thing to consider. They are only connected in a roundabout way. There have been several instances where we have seen backyard chickens eating insects and other pests that might otherwise be harmful to honey bees.

The chickens may pick up the litter.

Hens like the role of a trash collector. It’s good for you and your honeybees. Likewise, you can see that hens will eat honeybee corpses, so that problem is also solved. They’ll be responsible for clearing out the honeycomb of any garbage or other trash that could find its way in.

Bees and chickens are best friends.

They have much fun together and can accomplish much when they are all in the same room together. The honeybees will make an incredible humming sound, and the chickens may be let go. If all goes according to plan, they won’t be troubled by one another.

The essentials to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Be sure the bees don’t have access to drinking water while in your hive.
  • Bees have been known to sting chickens, so keeping them away from the feeders is important.
  • Check that a flock of hens is clear from the honeycomb entrance. Risky situations might arise when chickens free-range inside the hive.

Final Thoughts

Raising hens and honeybees in your garden is a straightforward and lucrative endeavour if you can take the necessary safety measures. Sometimes honeybees may congregate close to chicken feeders, and you’ll have to work hard to keep them away from the food. They won’t be able to figure it out for a while, but eventually, they’ll leave that area alone.

The most important benefit of keeping them together is that it will help us stay in closer contact with our food cycle. Seeing free-range hens in the backyard and hearing the hum of honeybees simultaneously is a satisfying sight and sound. When properly managed, honeybees and chickens may coexist peacefully in any backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding food, do bees prefer chickens or eggs?

will chickens eat bees

Chickens may be helpful to honey bees. You could be pleasantly pleased to learn how valuable chickens are if you maintain a couple and let them free-range or wander among your beehives.

In what ways do bees harm chickens, if at all?

Hives are sometimes installed above chicken coops. However, stung chickens do occur on occasion. Chickens are immune to swarms of bees. Honey bees, even when swarming, are peaceful.

Can hen roam freely near beehives?

For those who are curious, “do chickens eat bees?” It’s because they occasionally prefer to stay around in front of the hive and eat pollen from bees returning to the pack after collecting it.

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