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Can You Eat Honeycomb?

The fact that honeycomb is edible may not be known to everyone. It is simply honey in its most natural state.

What is Honeycomb?

To store honey and pollen or to house their larvae, honey bees create the natural product known as honeycomb. It is made up of many beeswax hexagonal cells, most of which are filled with raw honey. Since raw honey has not been pasteurized or filtered, it differs from commercial honey.

In addition to royal jelly, propolis, and pollen, which are all bee products with potential health advantages, honeycomb may also include some of these substances. However, these are probably only present in trace amounts.

The honey and the waxy cells that surround it are edible, as well as the entire honeycomb.

In comparison to filtered honey, raw honey is grainier. The waxy cells can also be chewed like gum.

Beeswax, an entirely organic substance produced by honeybees, is used to make the honeycomb. Both the waxy cells themselves, as well as the raw honey inside each one, are perfectly safe to eat. Eating the honeycomb even offers other health advantages, like lowering inflammation and enhancing heart and liver function. Study up on the health advantages of eating honeycomb.

Honeycomb Benefits

honeycomb edible


Many people love the biting of the honeycomb together with the sweetness of the raw honey within because honeycombs contain more flavorful raw honey than regular honey found in stores. Depending on the region it was produced in, the taste of the honeycomb will vary, but its chewy texture will remain constant. Some even liken it to a natural form of wax candy. To absorb all of the nutrients, you can either consume the beeswax after chewing it or spit it out. It is safe and ingestible in either manner.


Honeycomb honey is a fantastic substitute for anyone trying to cut back on their sugar intake, especially those with diabetes. Since honey has a higher sugar content than sugar, you won’t need as much of it. According to studies, honey doesn’t even come close to raising blood sugar levels compared to sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.


Eating honeycomb has advantages for your heart and liver, among other things. Antioxidants included in honeycomb help strengthen the immune system, and honeycomb is a rich source of beneficial carbohydrates. Long-chain fatty acids, which are advantageous for the heart and for lowering bad cholesterol levels, are another component of beeswax found in honeycomb. Furthermore, natural alcohols with hepatoprotective properties can be found in beeswax. In persons with fatty liver disease, this indicates that they have the capacity to stop liver deterioration and enhance liver function.


Inflammatory infections are also improved by honeycomb honey. It works as a natural anti-inflammatory to treat chronic wounds and ulcers. Additionally, honeycomb may strengthen your body’s defenses against viruses, fungi, and germs. It has antibacterial characteristics that can boost your immune system and help you fend off infections and illnesses.

How to Eat Honeycomb

The typical packaging for a honeycomb is a square or circular tub. As you might anticipate, it is waxy and sticky, and the simplest way to extricate it is by using a spoon or fork.

If you do not mind having your hands sticky, you can also use your hands.

Honeycomb can be chewed in the same way as bubblegum is chewed when you take a bite. You can spit out the remaining beeswax after you have chewed out all of the honey.

How to Serve Honeycomb

Eating a piece of honeycomb all by itself is the greatest way to experience its flavor.

But if you find it to be too straightforward, here are some delectable concoctions you must try at home.

Your dish of heated oats should contain roughly a bit of honeycomb. It can also be sprinkled on top of heated tapioca, rice pudding, waffles, and pancakes.

List Add some chopped honeycomb to basic Greek yogurt. If it does not appeal to you, you can also try blending it into soft vanilla ice cream.

Prepare an arugula salad with some grilled chicken, nut slices, and crumbled goat cheese for the dressing.

Slices of honeycomb should be placed on top of some melted brie cheese on a baguette.

Serving dishes with a dab of sour cream and a piece of honeycomb in the middle, along with some hot chili that has been prepared and added, is a traditional dish. As it gradually melts into the chili and sour cream, the honey’s sweet flavor will balance out the heat wonderfully.

To your standard grilled ham and cheese sandwich, add some chopped honeycomb.

How Long Does It Stay Good for?

The discovery of edible honey in nearly 3,000-year-old Egyptian tombs may surprise you. Except in cases when improper storage methods result in moisture exposure, honey and honeycomb never go bad. It’s even employed as a preservative because it never goes bad.

The best purchase date on your honeycomb is likely alluding to the potential deterioration in quality over time if it is included.


What does honeycomb taste like?

The wax flakes and honeycombs taste similar to each other. So what is this? They have a chewy texture and are consumed similarly to how honey is consumed, but with beeswax added. You will notice that the wax in the honeycomb is fragile and imparts an intriguing texture when you are eating it.

Is it OK to eat beeswax?

This is due to the fact that food-grade beeswax is safe to consume. In fact, you probably eat more items that contain them than you realize. Because of its wonderful gloss and delicate honey undertones, beeswax is a preferred cooking ingredient among top chefs. It is a glaze that’s used on hams, pastries, candies, and turkeys.

Is eating honeycomb wax good for you?

Beeswax, an entirely organic substance produced by honeybees, is used to make the honeycomb. Both the waxy cells themselves, as well as the raw honey inside each one, are perfectly safe to eat. Eating the honeycomb even offers other health advantages, like lowering inflammation and enhancing heart and liver function.

What is the best way to eat honeycomb?

Pieces of honeycomb are a tasty snack that you may eat by itself. Additionally, you may use the honeycomb as a sweetener in smoothies, as well as in salad dressings and charcuterie board spreads. Brie cheese and honeycomb go very nicely together. Additionally, honeycomb can be used to garnish warm bread, English muffins, waffles, or vanilla ice cream.

what is honeycomb made of

Does honeycomb taste better than honey?

Since honeycomb is the purest, most natural kind of honey, it tastes far superior to other types of honey you may have previously tried. The honey you buy at your neighborhood grocery store isn’t the same since it has been refined, boiled, and its flavor has been changed by the addition of extra sweets.

Is chewing honeycomb good for your teeth?

It is beneficial to remove plaque from teeth by chewing honeycomb. There is a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect of the components found in honeycombs. There are over a hundred beneficial components for teeth and gums in propolis, which is found in honeycombs.

How long does honeycomb stay good for?

What is the lifespan of a honeycomb? Although it may eventually begin to solidify, the honeycomb will last for years. If you do not like the gooeyness that results from honeycomb crystallization—which some Drizzle Lovers do—throw the honeycomb in the freezer to stop it from crystallizing.

How do you know when a honeycomb is bad?

When it is eventually deemed “poor,” the color turns white, and the texture becomes rough. Honey has been crystallizing for a very long time, which is the cause of the entire process. When the honey darkens and loses its flavor and scent, that is another sign.

Is honeycomb hard to chew?

It is completely safe to eat honeycomb! Of course, we do not advise eating the entire block at once, but every now and then, a chunk over your toast, over your porridge, or in your tea is delightful. Beeswax harvested directly from the hive is soft and chewable. By itself, raw honeycomb is virtually like chewing gum.

Why is honeycomb expensive?

Because of its higher cost of manufacturing, comb honey (also known as honeycomb) is more expensive than liquid honey (one-time use of beeswax, additional labor for extraction, and increased packaging costs).

Is pure honeycomb healthy?

Essential Vitamins & Minerals Are Found in Raw Honeycomb

There is no need to search deeper for a healthy substitute for sugar. Minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc are abundant in honeycomb. In addition, it has the vitamins C, B6, B12, A, E, and D.

What is the white stuff on the honeycomb? The white pieces or crystals observed on honeycombs are neither bugs nor disease infestations, despite what may first come to mind. This is just honey that has crystallized. As a result of a natural process called crystallization, liquid honey becomes a solid.

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